Corcoran Management


Challenge Commitment
1.1Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity
20%Reduction in Water Use Intensity

Corcoran Management Company is a division of John M. Corcoran and Company, a developer and builder of residential real estate. The company specializes in green construction and management practices, maintaining cleaner living environments using eco-friendly maintenance products, and establishing smoke-free buildings and communities. Corcoran Management’s portfolio has a significant presence in the northeast, and has had an emphasis on lowering its gas usage through higher efficiency equipment, installing high efficiency boilers, and at some properties installing Smart Plate technology for domestic hot water production. Corcoran Management also works with local utilities on air sealing and insulation programs that further cut down on gas usage, and is converting exterior lighting systems to LED. Currently, two of Corcoran’s properties are LEED® certified with the United States Green Building Council.

To meet the goals of the Better Buildings Challenge, Corcoran Management’s properties will have LED lighting in all common areas, and residents will be educated to use that technology in their apartments. All properties will continue to use aerators on kitchen and bathroom fixtures, use low-flow showerheads, and toilets will be replaced with higher efficiency models. Corcoran Management currently uses an energy management system that identifies opportunities for energy projects and tracks their results; energy efficiency is part of the turnover process, so every apartment will receive maximum analysis. In addition, this year Corcoran Management will be instituting a training program for maintenance and property management staff, educating them on energy issues and empowering them to make suggestions.