Conservation Consultants, Inc.

Conservation Consultants, Inc.

Conservation Consultants, Inc. (CCI) is a Pittsburgh-based 501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization founded in 1978 to promote energy conservation through healthy, whole home performance. CCI conducts energy assessments on homes and small businesses, delivers educational activities and community projects to increase home health and performance, manages utility programs, and drives the conversation about energy efficiency and healthy home performance for regional leaders, industry professionals, residents and property owners. Each year CCI provides more than 3,500 energy assessments, delivers training and educational services to more than 4,000 industry professionals, homeowners, and students, and engages more than 500 renters and homeowners in home performance improvements.

CCI offers Home Energy Score to participants of its Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, the Sound Home Plan. The Sound Home Plan offers homeowners a one-stop-shop to identify and make home upgrades to make their homes healthy, safe, and energy efficient. Sound Home Participants get a Home Energy Score and customized upgrade plan following a comprehensive home energy assessment. CCI also refers participants to vetted contractors to make recommended upgrades and offers quality checks on contractor work. CCI also offers Home Energy Score to participants of its Grassroots Green Homes Program, a place-based home performance program designed to change residential consumer behavior.


Allegheny County, Pennsylvania


Pittsburgh-area homeowners can receive a Home Energy Score through CCI’s Sound Home Plan by calling (412) 431-4623 or by visiting the website.