Comau Inc.


Goals Progress
50001 ReadyEnergy Management System Goal Achieved

Comau is a world-wide leader in sustainable automation and service solutions for the automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, military, shipbuilding and renewable energy industries.

Solutions range from machining and assembly modules, to body welding systems, assembly lines and integrated robotics. Strategic services include industrial asset management, project management, consulting, and eComau – offering solutions for increased energy and process efficiencies.

Comau has a global presence, with 24 locations (including 15 manufacturing plants and 4 research and development centers) in 13 countries, with more than 13,000 employees.

In September 2017, their 475,000-square foot campus in Novi, Michigan was recognized as the first facility under a corporate ISO 50001 certification to achieve 50001 Ready.

Comau achieved their initial energy intensity reduction goal in 2017

NAICS 333, Machinery Manufacturing

Date of Pledge: January 2014