Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation


Challenge Commitment
1Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20% Reduction in Energy

The mission of the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation (the “NDC”) is to build a better, stronger community in Codman Square and South Dorchester, MA by creating housing and commercial spaces that are safe, sustainable, and affordable, promoting financial and economic stability for residents and for the neighborhood, and providing residents of all ages with opportunities and skills to empower themselves to improve their lives. The NDC works to achieve these goals by focusing on four distinct initiatives: a real estate development initiative, an economic development initiative, a community building initiative, and the Talbot-Norfolk Triangle Eco Innovation District (TNT EID).

Today the NDC is undertaking multiple measures to: lower its carbon footprint, helping the City of Boston to reach its climate change goals; use sustainability to help residents remain in place in the face of rapidly increasing income disparity and gentrification; provide a model for sustainable development on a neighborhood scale; and increasing the health of tenants.  The NDC is doing this by: increasing the energy efficiency of its entire portfolio through participation in the BBC; satisfying some of its electrical needs by creating a Community Shared Solar project that will also spin off excess energy and give area residents electrical credits, helping them remain in place; creating LEED certified buildings in the TNT EID; pursuing a LEED ND designation for a portion of the TNT EID; and expanding the smoke free policy of its buildings.