CleanFinancing LLC

CleanFinancing LLC

CleanFinancing LLC specializes in sub-$2,000,000 project funding for all asset classes in all active CPACE states. As both a PACE capital provider and tax-equity contributor, CleanFinancing has established expertise in Deposit-Financed Power Purchase Agreements, providing any entity without the capacity to absorb tax benefits to lower their cost of doing upgrades that have them. CleanFinancing works through contractors, building owners, and developers, and focuses on solving the financing challenge of a project through flexibility and creative structures. They also offer other financing.  For more information, visit

Markets Served

CleanFinancing is active in all active CPACE markets across the U.S., and fund all asset-classes and all program-authorized building improvements.

Products and Services

CleanFinancing products range from 10 to 30-year terms, include re-amortization capability to address tax-credit opportunities, with a minimum of $50,000.  Financing cost is pegged to Treasury rates, plus program points and fees.

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CleanFinancing LLC positions itself as a champion of small-to-medium commercial PACE projects.

Financing Goals