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Portland City Council unanimously adopted the Home Energy Score requirement (Portland City Code Chapter 17.108) in December 2016, requiring sellers of single-family homes to disclose a Home Energy Score when listing a home for sale. This new policy requires people publicly selling single-family homes to obtain a Home Energy Report (which includes a Home Energy Score) from an authorized Home Energy Assessor.

Portland is the second city in the country, behind Berkeley, California, to approve a local ordinance requiring homes to be scored. The Home Energy Score and the Home Energy Report must be provided in any real-estate listings, such as RMLS, and must be made available to prospective buyers. Portland is the first city in the US to require the disclosure of Home Energy Scores this early in the homebuying process.

The Home Energy Score ordinance is part of an effort to reduce carbon emissions in Portland 80 percent by 2050, outlined in the 2015 Climate Action Plan. Residential buildings contribute nearly half of all emissions from buildings, and while voluntary efforts have already made a difference, this policy will accelerate change and provide consumer insight and protection.

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Home Energy Scores are produced by trained home energy assessors authorized by the City of Portland Home Energy Score program: