City of Fort Collins, CO

City of Fort Collins, CO

Epic Homes is Fort Collins Utilities’ one-stop-shop for home and rental property energy efficiency upgrades. The program offers streamlined energy assessments with standardized pricing on insulation and air sealing measures and substantial rebates on over 25 efficiency upgrades. Rebates can be applied up front to reduce the amount of cash or financing required. Epic Homes also includes easy, low-interest-rate financing options, a voluntary indoor environmental quality study, and a completion certificate to make projects easy to complete and document.

Homeowners who complete an energy assessment through Epic Homes receive a one-page Epic Certificate highlighting the current Home Energy Score. Those who complete upgrades will receive a two-page Epic Certificate, which includes the post-improvement Home Energy Score, the rebated efficiency and solar improvements, and the date and the trade ally that completed the work. The Epic Certificate provides documented visibility to the owner's investments in efficiency and solar, which can help give value to those improvements in the real estate market when selling or refinancing their home.

Markets Served:

Fort Collins Utilities’ residential electric customers with single-family, duplex, triplex, and quadplex homes.

To Get a Home Energy Score:

Call 877-981-1888 to schedule your Epic Homes assessment. Find out more at