Chula Vista, CA

Chula Vista, CA

The City of Chula Vista is the second-largest city in San Diego County, California with a population of nearly 275,000. Chula Vista has more than 50 square miles of coastal landscape, rolling hills, and mountains. Municipal operations, which include general government administration, public safety, library and recreational services, environmental management, and parks and open space maintenance, are supported by approximately 900 employees.


50% GHG reduction in 10 years
20% reduction in Energy Intensity


Better Climate Challenge   Better Buildings Challenge
Energy Data Access Accelerator   Better Communities Alliance

The City of Chula Vista’s portfolio consists of over 90 public buildings. In 2022, they signed on to the Better Climate Challenge, committing to a 50% reduction in GHG emissions across their 850,000 square foot portfolio by 2032. To reach its emissions goals as part of the Better Climate Challenge, the City of Chula Vista will build upon its long-standing participation in the Better Buildings Challenge. The City plans to continue upgrading municipal buildings to make them more energy- and water-efficient, and convert any facilities with gas systems to all-electric. The City will also complete the installation of several solar projects, construct additional bike lanes, implement a residential and commercial organic waste program to reduce waste, and expand electrification of the City’s fleet.  In addition, all eligible municipal facilities will be operating on 100% renewable electricity as the final phase of San Diego Community Power rolls out in May 2022. These efforts will allow the City to lead by example in showcasing how community members can increase energy independence and reduce pollution and meet the aligned science-based greenhouse gas reduction goals for community-wide emissions.

Climate Challenge Commitment
850,000Square Feet
Buildings Challenge Commitment
890,000Square Feet
GHG Emissions Goals
50%GHG Reduction
Energy Goals
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity
18%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)