Challenge Commitment
150 MWAcross 36 Data Centers
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity

CenturyLink has a long history as a data center service provider, primarily through its acquisitions of Savvis and Qwest, with roots dating back to the 1990s and the early commercial Internet. Energy efficiency starts with a cultural focus and vigilance around day-to-day management practices and is reinforced by the major improvement projects – such as deployment of chiller-in-a-box, implementation of variable speed fans, and other equipment upgrades. 

CenturyLink’s data center business is committed to achieving superior energy performance by measuring, analyzing, and continuously reporting energy efficiency opportunities within our portfolio of data centers. The data centers are distributed across 15 states, with facilities in just about every climate zone in the country providing the challenge and opportunity to leverage a variety of solutions to drive improved data center energy efficiency. A dedicated team of energy professionals prepares business cases and works with management to obtain funding for projects that meet or exceed return on investment goals. The team considers both design and operational efficiencies, and aims to implement ideal projects that not only improve efficiency, but enhance the CenturyLink's product, service, or available capacity.