Centrica Business Solutions

Centrica Business Solutions

Centrica Business Solutions is committed to developing and financing comprehensive energy solutions including distributed generation, onsite energy storage, and energy efficiency projects for non-residential clients nationwide. We leverage our investment grade balance sheet and depth in the energy space to offer a wide-range of funding options. We offer a selection of innovative financing mechanisms including leases, on-bill financing, PPAs, ESAs and ESPCs and can tailor financing solutions to each client’s needs. Whether on its own account or through one of our third-party financing partners, we provide capital required to fund your next energy project.

Markets Served

Centrica Business Solutions serves all of North America, in addition globally supporting the UK, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, and Germany.

Products and Services

Centrica Business Solutions builds intelligent, end-to-end energy solutions to power performance, resilience and growth for our customers through: 

  • Insight: Leveraging ‘big data’ to help customers manage energy performance across all their equipment and devices
  • Optimization: Redesigning how businesses use energy to improve operational efficiency 
  • Solutions: Providing power sources and systems to help customers take control of their energy supply and manage demand

Centrica Business Solutions is committed to making these energy solutions accessible to all by offering a wide-range of funding options.

To Learn More, Contact

Name: Sara Roccisano
Title: Commercial Financing Manager
Telephone number: (732) 516-2622
Email: Sara.Roccisano@centrica.com

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