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Financial Ally


Finance $500M in energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy projects

Markets Served

Budderfly finances projects in the full USA and Canada, specializing in repeatable footprint businesses with a major focus on food service such as Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR) and family dining, C-Stores, YMCAs, medium-sized colleges and Prep Schools, and nursing homes.

Products and Services

Budderfly’s Efficiency-as-a-Service model provides up-front funding for building energy audits, project design, commissioning, new equipment, and maintenance. The 10-year contract covers on-going maintenance and is structured to be paid by resulting energy cost savings. Additionally, Budderfly offers 10-year solar contracts and community solar connections.


To Learn More, Contact

Name: Matthew Nemerson
Title: Vice President Strategic Partners
Phone: 203-590-9867