Bozzuto Management Company

Bozzuto Management Company

Bozzuto Management Company is part of the Bozzuto Group of companies, celebrating 30 years in business as of 2018. Bozzuto currently manages more than 70,000 apartments and 2.2 million square feet of retail space along the East Coast between Miami and Boston, in the Northeast, and Chicago. Bozzuto is an EPA National Building Competition – “Better Buildings Challenge” multifamily award winner for energy and water reduction, as well as a two-time ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award recipient. 

Participating in the Better Buildings Challenge gives Bozzuto Management Company an opportunity to share how companies may implement sustainability initiatives while navigating the complexities of a large and dynamic multifamily portfolio. Recent initiatives include gamifying efficiency at the resident level through water and energy reduction contests, which began with the EPA’s National Building Competition. These efforts have been replicated in recent years, with each iteration improving upon the previous. Bozzuto committed to 100% benchmarking in 2013, and an annual energy reduction goal of 3% year-over-year was announced internally in April 2017. The Better Buildings Challenge allows better codification of these goals and the ability to share these successes and experiences, while learning from other participants.

Other notable strategies include targeting underperforming communities, setting monthly thresholds for performance alerts, a robust social media and PR platform for prospect and resident engagement, and employee education. Bozzuto strives to assist their clients (many of whom are Better Buildings Challenge partners) in not only meeting, but exceeding their sustainability goals.

Above: Anthem House, Baltimore, MD. Side Bar: Union on Queen Apartments, Arlington, VA.


Buildings Challenge Commitment
63,000,000Square Feet
Energy Goals
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity