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Bostonia Partners LLC

Financial Ally


Finance $500M in energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy projects

Markets Served

Bostonia’s sustainable infrastructure group is highly qualified to structure and place financings for energy efficiency, distributed generation, renewable energy, micro-grids and other resilient infrastructure projects and focus primarily on targeting federal, commercial and industrial, utilities, municipalities, universities, schools, and healthcare markets.

Products and Services

Bostonia’s clients include project developers, owners, ESCOs, engineering firms, construction and technology companies, among others.  Bostonia offers tailored, “full-service” financing solutions that incorporate various contract mechanisms, including ESAs, PPAs, shared-savings, performance contracts, leases, and PACE authority, to finance energy infrastructure. Our non-recourse financing structures are designed specifically for every project; to mitigate specific risks, achieve the lowest cost of capital, and to meet critical client drivers, such as revenue recognition, favorable tax and accounting treatment (including off-debt and off-balance sheet), and 3rd party ownership.  Products and services include: project and contract finance, securitization, financial advisory, M&A, and asset ownership.

To Learn More, Contact

Name: Peter Y. Flynn
Title: Executive Vice President
Telephone number: 617-226-8103