Bath Electric Gas and Water Systems


Challenge Commitment
Goals Progress
25%Reduction in Energy Intensity

Bath Electric, Gas, & Water Systems (BEGWS), provides electric, gas, water, and waste water services for the Village of Bath, New York. The wastewater treatment plant, built in 1970 was last upgraded in 1993. Currently undergoing new upgrades to improve nutrient removal, the facility plans to implement technologies to embrace resource recovery. BEGWS plans to maximize energy production by installing anaerobic digestion.  As such it will accept trucked food waste in combination with wastewater sludge for energy and compost production.

BEGWS is dedicated to transforming its wastewater treatment facility into an environmentally sound, self-sustaining, and profitable entity that can serve as a role model to facilities of similar size. The energy generated will be used to power plant operations as well as provide power to the Village of Bath. Upgrades to the facility will allow for processing of local organic waste providing an alternative to landfill, decrease cost of disposal for local businesses, reduce financial burdens on rate payers, and potentially spur economic development around the Village of Bath.

Since 2014, BEGWS has been actively pursuing the concept of a “resource recovery hub.” Upgrades to the facility include a new headworks, the addition of chemically enhanced primary treatment, and an anaerobic digester. BEWGS is also looking into implementation of ClearCove Systems carbon management technology. BEGWS has future plans to implement a composting facility as an opportunity to save rate payers more money, decrease the use of fossil fuel based fertilizers, and divert waste from landfill.