Aurora Public Schools


Challenge Commitment
4.3Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity11%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)
20%Reduction in Water Intensity

In partnership with its community, Aurora Public Schools accelerates learning for all students to develop the knowledge, skills and character necessary to shape successful futures. APS is steadfast in its regard that diversity is a strength of its community. Embracing these principals and through the cloud-based provision of detailed, up-to-date, and site-specific energy and waste consumption information, the district empowers over 39,000 students across its 63 traditional and charter schools to make a difference in their local community and environment.

With occupant engagement as its central focus, the APS Natural and Renewable Resources Team is committed to the transparent communication of timely and accurate natural resource cost and consumption information: electricity, natural gas, water, and landfill and recycling waste. In doing so, APS stakeholders leverage this information as a unique means to hone student development of robust 21st century skills while exhibiting sustainable cultural norms. Furthermore, financial awards which stem largely from student-led conservation efforts are issued to student groups and schools via participation in APS’s Green Star Schools Program.

Over the past 2 years since the GSSP’s inception, nearly 1,000 conservation-minded APS students have been credited with the delivery of nearly $100,000 in cash incentives awarded to participating schools. Students earn credit for their individual contributions via the award of distinctive micro-credentials (a.k.a. digital badges,) linking their accomplishments to skills valued within their community. Serving to provide additional incentives, many local enterprises serve as badge endorsers that, in turn, grant students special opportunities or experiences to those that earn them. Aurora Public School’s GSSP is the most communally inclusive, sustainably engaging, and conservation targeted environmental stewardship program adopted by any school district, anywhere.