Anthem, Inc.


Challenge Commitment
5.6Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity17%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)
30%Reduction in Water Intensity29%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)

Anthem, Inc. is working to transform health care with trusted and caring solutions. Our health plan companies deliver quality products and services that give their members access to the care they need. With more than 72 million people served by its affiliated companies, including approximately 38.6 million enrolled in its family of health plans, Anthem is one of the nation's leading health benefits companies.

As a leading health benefits company, Anthem recognizes the link between our environment and our health.  Through energy and water conservation, recycling, community wellness, and carbon management, we are committed to continuously improving the environmental sustainability of our operations and business activities.

As part of Anthem’s energy and water management strategy, we continue to invest in technologies that make our 9 million square foot portfolio more efficient.  We pursue real-time analytics and maintain a culture of competition through the “Anthem Energy Leaderboard”.  We benchmark sites in Portfolio Manager and apply for ENERGY STAR certification annually.  Since a baseline year of 2013, Anthem has accomplished the following:

  • ENERGY STAR certified over 4.25 million square feet of office and data center space
  • Reduced water consumption by 35 million gallons annually
  • Reduced scope I and II GHG emissions intensity per square foot by 11%