Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA

Founded in 1749, the City of Alexandria, Virginia is a vibrant, diverse, historic, and beautiful city with unique neighborhoods and multiple urban villages within the Metropolitan Washington DC region. Alexandria’s Eco-City Charter, Environmental Action Plan, Green Building Policy, and Energy and Climate Action Plan outline the vision, goals, and aggressive actions the City is taking to respect, protect, and enhance the health of its citizens and the quality and sustainability of its natural environment.

The City of Alexandria is committed to reducing the energy use intensity of its publicly owned buildings by 25% by fiscal year 2027 as compared to fiscal year 2018.  Alexandria is working towards this commitment by aggressively implementing energy efficiency retrofits; best practices in building operations and maintenance; green building design; renewable energy integration; and employee education and outreach programs.

Near term actions include city-wide facility LED lighting retrofits, HVAC control system upgrades and integration, re- and retro-commissioning activities, interval metering deployment, solar photovoltaic system installation, implementation of the City’s new Green Building Policy with a minimum LEED Gold goal for new construction and net-zero energy goal for public development, facility operations and maintenance policy implementation, and employee energy conservation campaigns.

Through its partnership with the Better Buildings Challenge, the City of Alexandria aims to lead its community to be an eco-city where citizens live healthier and economically productive lives while reducing their impact on the environment.


Buildings Challenge Commitment
1.6Million Square Feet
Energy Goals
25%Reduction in Energy Intensity
10%vs. Baseline