ACTION Housing


Challenge Commitment
815Thousand Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity-1%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)

Founded in 1957, ACTION-Housing, Inc. is a nonprofit that serves southwestern Pennsylvania through a number of programs centered on the provision of decent, safe, and affordable housing. Since 1985, it has developed or assisted in the development of over 4,500 units of housing, both single family and multifamily, for the elderly, persons with disabilities, homeless, veterans, and working families. ACTION-Housing is committed to sustainable building design in its new developments and retrofitting its older developments in order to achieve greater energy efficiency, improve tenant comfort and health and, most importantly, preserve their affordability.

As a Better Buildings Challenge Partner, ACTION-Housing will benchmark all of its properties, conduct energy audits at each one, install comprehensive energy reduction measures, and monitor post-retrofit energy usage to ensure savings goals are met. ACTION-Housing will accomplish this through The One Stop, its energy retrofit consulting program, which is available to all affordable multifamily properties throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.