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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), researchers are finding more efficient ways to use energy resources in transportation, buildings, and industry, and in advancing renewable energy technologies. Enabling the efficient use of energy resources, increasing productivity and accelerating the use of renewable sources of electricity covers a broad spectrum of research—all backed by a diverse set of capabilities and experience.

PNNL researchers are also pioneering Solid Phase Processing research—an emerging approach for producing a wide range of metal and multi-material products. It holds the potential to decrease the energy intensity of manufacturing and deliver higher-performing components, all at a lower cost.

The lab is working to drive down the costs of energy technologies, overcome challenges to large-scale renewable energy deployment, and revolutionize buildings as energy assets. Science, engineering and supporting analysis at PNNL enables the efficient and sustainable use of energy resources and integrates renewable energy and buildings with the grid.

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