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Microgrid and CHP Installation Databases

CHP  Installations MapThe Microgrid and CHP Installation Databases are data collection efforts sponsored by DOE and maintained by ICF.

The Microgrid Installation Database contains a comprehensive listing of operational microgrid installations throughout the country. ICF tracks microgrids according to the DOE definition: a network of distributed energy resources and loads that can disconnect and re-connect to the larger utility grid as a single entity, allowing the connected loads to continue to be served during utility outages. Microgrids can also be found in remote locations where they may not be connected to a larger utility grid. The database includes microgrids that use multiple technologies and/or deliver electricity to multiple buildings. 

The CHP Installation Database contains a comprehensive listing of CHP installations throughout the country. The data tracked in the database allows for a deeper understanding of the current and future U.S. CHP market. ICF tracks CHP installations of all sizes, from large industrial systems that are hundreds of megawatts in size to small commercial microturbine and fuel cell systems that are tens of kilowatts.

The information in both databases is viewable in an interactive map and also presented in tabular format, with each state having its own table of systems, including site name, location, end-user application, capacity, operating year, and technologies. The databases are updated monthly and are composed of information from a variety of sources, including DOE technical assistance providers, government databases, utility lists, incentive program data, developers and equipment suppliers, industry periodicals, and news releases.