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Packaged CHP eCatalog

The Packaged CHP eCatalog is a public/private partnership designed to increase deployment of CHP in manufacturing plants and commercial, institutional, and multifamily buildings. The eCatalog is a searchable web-based system that hosts commercially available Packaged CHP Systems recognized by DOE to meet specific performance standards. The core of the eCatalog is CHP Packagers, who commit to provide pre-engineered and tested Packaged CHP Systems that meet or exceed DOE performance requirements, and CHP Solution Providers, who commit to provide responsible installation, commissioning, maintenance, and service of recognized Packaged CHP Systems and serve as a single point of project responsibility. eCatalog Customer Engagement Network members (utilities, efficiency program administrators, and state energy offices) support CHP deployment by linking their CHP outreach programs, support resources, and incentive programs to the eCatalog.

The eCatalog provides in-depth search capabilities that allows CHP users, consulting engineers, and government agencies to sort the suite of available Packaged CHP Systems in their area given a variety of site specifications and needs. After entering the facility zip code in the eCatalog, users can screen results based on key items such as system size, prime mover, heat recovery, fuel type, grid connection type, and physical size constraints. The eCatalog is focused on Packaged CHP Systems less than 20 MW (individual system capacity) and is routinely updated to add new Packaged CHP Systems, Packagers, and Solution Providers. View Packaged CHP eCatalog fact sheet.

Click here to access the Packaged CHP eCatalog