AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust


Goals Progress
$150 Million Goal Achieved

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL‐CIO) and its affiliated labor unions are engaged in a major effort to find ways for skilled labor, Taft‐Hartley and public employee retirement funds to be appropriately engaged in energy‐saving building retrofits and infrastructure improvements across America. In addition to making investment managers aware of the many compelling investment opportunities in building retrofits and infrastructure, the AFL‐CIO will undertake an energy‐efficiency retrofit of its own headquarters to serve as a signature component of the Better Buildings Challenge. The AFL‐CIO will work with existing real estate‐focused investment funds to invest $150 million of capital in energy-efficient retrofits of commercial, multifamily, institutional and public buildings.

For more information about the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust, visit the website.

Markets Served: 

All types of buildings could be addressed by one of the several investment funds, which the AFL-CIO is engaging. Recent investments have been particularly in the low‐income multi‐family residential sector.

Products and Services: 

AFL‐CIO is demonstrating the way forward for institutional investors to capture the value of energy efficiency investments.