Bostonia Partners LLC


Goals Progress
$ 500 Million

Bostonia Partners (“Bostonia”) is a leading investment bank providing innovative thinking and value oriented solutions to its corporate, municipal and federal clients. With over $3 billion in energy related financings, Bostonia combines decades of experience in structuring and executing in the capital markets with a dedicated team-oriented approach to consistently deliver results for its clients. Bostonia conducts its securities transaction activities through its affiliate Bostonia Global Securities, (“BGS”).  As a FINRA regulated broker/dealer, BGS provides direct access to investors as a primary and secondary trading specialist in the US capital markets.

In support of the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Initiative, Bostonia is committed to finance over $500 million in projects within the next 12 months. 

Markets Served: 

Bostonia’s sustainable infrastructure group is highly qualified to structure and place financings for energy efficiency, distributed generation, renewable energy, micro-grids and other resilient infrastructure projects and focus primarily on targeting federal, commercial and industrial, utilities, municipalities, universities, schools, and healthcare markets.

Products and Services: 

Bostonia’s clients include project developers, owners, ESCOs, engineering firms, construction and technology companies, among others.  Bostonia offers tailored, “full-service” financing solutions that incorporate various contract mechanisms, including ESAs, PPAs, shared-savings, performance contracts, leases, and PACE authority, to finance energy infrastructure. Our non-recourse financing structures are designed specifically for every project; to mitigate specific risks, achieve the lowest cost of capital, and to meet critical client drivers, such as revenue recognition, favorable tax and accounting treatment (including off-debt and off-balance sheet), and 3rd party ownership.  Products and services include: project and contract finance, securitization, financial advisory, M&A, and asset ownership.

To Learn More, Contact: 

Name: Peter Y. Flynn
Title: Executive Vice President
Telephone number: 617-226-8103