ESPC Champions Toolkit

DOE considers ESPC a promising tool to undertake retrofit projects across the country toward energy savings goals. Like all retrofits, ESPC projects start with an idea for an improvement. Making retrofits a reality requires strong project planning and a commitment to getting it done. Landlord agencies require a team of people to continually identify the energy savings potential in each agency’s buildings. Each project needs a dedicated project advocate or champion to shepherd the retrofit from idea to completion. Project champions are a way to magnify local efforts to cultivate energy efficiency retrofits. Champions will be motivated to develop retrofit projects to benefit their individual agencies. By organizing individual agency champions into a formal network and empowering them with the tools they need to develop strong retrofit projects, state and local governments can harness their efforts in a powerful, concerted drive toward their energy savings goals. To that end, this toolkit contains several resources to cultivate a formal, permanent network of ESPC champions. It provides presentations for state and local governments to introduce the program to champions and their agency leaders. It also contains a separate set of tools for the champions themselves as they plan, develop, and build support for local ESPC retrofit projects. Let's get started!

    This plan spells out the vision for the Champions Network and explains the goals and operations of the program.  It serves as the toolkit guide for the program lead and includes details for building and mobilizing a network of retrofit champions that will improve building performance.
    The Program Design Outline suggests using a prompt in the form of a magnet or certificate to summarize the building UPGRADE plan in seven steps and hang in the Champion’s workspace.  It reminds Champions of their daily responsibilities as part of this network to advance local energy savings goals.  Network Leads can use this template to design and produce their own prompts for distribution to the Champions.
    This brief PowerPoint presentation summarizes the impetus, strategy, and plan for the Champions Network. It includes speaker notes and is intended for presentation to the corps of champions at an in-person program kickoff meeting.
    This set of template slides summarizes the Champions Network with special attention to how program execution is expected to intersect with agency operations. It also includes speaker notes and is envisioned for either an in-person meeting or a webinar conference call.
    This introductory summary welcomes champions to the network and explains the tools available for their role as Champion for their agency.
    The strategic plan spells out the program goals, the Champion role, strategic plan, and tactical steps, summarized in the acronym UPGRADE. It serves as the guide for Champions to accomplish energy efficiency retrofits in their agencies using ESPC.
    Once champions have a promising retrofit project planned, they can use this short PowerPoint presentation to gain approval from their agency’s leadership for carrying out the improvements as an ESPC project.
    When a retrofit project gets the green light to proceed, this checklist supports the Champion in moving the project through the ESPC process and can be customized for the specific process in the jurisdiction.


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