ESPC Networking Toolkit

Smooth and successful ESPC projects result directly from engaging experts in many different technical and professional areas. With a typical ESPC project running 15-20 years, success depends on the continued support of these critical stakeholders. In the project development phase, stakeholders need to understand ESPC and their roles in the process to initiate projects successfully. Over the long term, positive project progress and measurable benefits will reinforce stakeholder support. Providing information about ESPC, the process, and regular updates on ongoing projects can build and maintain this support for ESPC. Regular and ongoing communications about ESPC build relationships with key stakeholders that can form a permanent ESPC network. To that end, this toolkit contains four tools to build a formal, permanent ESPC network. It provides a plan and resources to explain the ESPC process to stakeholders and provide regular reports on local ESPC program results. Let's get started!

    This plan serves as the toolkit guide and includes primary information that will be used to maintain the local ESPC network. It spells out the communications goals, target audiences (i.e., key stakeholders), messaging, workplan, and resources.
    This brief PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of local ESPC efforts to date, including the process and key players.  It includes speaker’s notes and can be tailored for any audience.
    This two-page template is intended as a leave-behind after the overview presentation or as a handout for a smaller meeting where the overview presentation might not be necessary. The summary follows the outline of the presentation and includes more details.
    Annual Report Guidance
    Use this two-page report template to summarize the jurisdiction’s cumulative ESPC progress and highlight annual results and recent successes. It is intended for distribution to stakeholders, as well as for media release. It can also be used as a companion leave-behind to the Summary Handout.


Education, Local Government, State Government


Financing or paying for a project, Motivating my organization

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Outreach Materials