West Palm Beach, FL

Estimated Results Achieved from Completed Conversion
Number of Lights Committed Electricity Savings  kWh/yr) Value of Electricity Saved ($/yr) Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions (metric tonnes/yr)
6,803 2,370,846 $253,680 1,667




Program Description

The City of West Palm Beach has had an ESPC in place for comprehensive energy management services since 2011. Street lights represented 25% of the city’s energy expenditure and thus was a prime target for improvement, with strong support from the Mayor.  The City and Florida Power & Light (FPL) each own about half of the 6800 lights in the city.

Service Area

The City of West Palm Beach.

Situation Highlights

West Palm Beach undertook the first LED retrofit project ever pursued by FPL.  The utility did not have LED-specific rate tariffs at the time, but adapted an existing decorative lighting agreement especially for this effort.  The project was carefully phased to allocate funds and address political districts in an equitable manner. The project started in Coleman Park in November 2013, and proceeded through seven phases that were all complete by April 2014. In all, 1451 street lights were retrofitted for an estimated annual energy savings of 364,000 kWh (54%), worth about $34,000.

In 2016, West Palm Beach was in the planning stages of retrofitting more than 3,000 additional street lights over the next five years at a cost of roughly $2.5 million and expected to save roughly $160,000 per year on energy.

Additional Information