San Diego, CA

Estimated Results Achieved from Completed Conversion
Number of Lights Committed Electricity Savings  kWh/yr) Value of Electricity Saved ($/yr) Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions (metric tonnes/yr)
10,000 3,485,000 $372,895 2,450




Program Description

In 2016, San Diego had over 60,000 street lights in operation, 9,000 of which belonged to local community "Lighting Districts" who pay a special assessment fee to support the additional or ornamental lighting in their neighborhoods. In addition, the city maintained more than 6,000 lights in parks, community ball fields, and other city facilities. The city also shared responsibility with Caltran for lights on the freeway off/on ramps that intersect city streets.

Service Area

The City of San Diego.

Situation Highlights

LED lights are the standard street light used within San Diego city limits, a change from past use of induction and low pressure sodium.  The selection of the LED products was a result of testing and verification coupled with consultant review of performance with various dimming strategies. In order to engage in appropriate dimming and metering benefits, the appropriate LED light source was a critical component.  Additionally, San Diego has made progress with LED street lighting upgrades and controls and is pursuing a tariff solution with San Diego Gas & Electric to maximize the economic benefits of high performing technologies via adaptive controls and a metered tariff for street lights.  

Additional Information