Little Rock, AR

Estimated Results Achieved from Completed Conversion
Number of Lights Committed Electricity Savings  kWh/yr) Value of Electricity Saved ($/yr) Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions (metric tonnes/yr)
24,000 8,364,000 $894,948 5,880




Program Description

Determine the benefits of street light ownership and Little Rock's ability to absorb the expense of infrastructure upgrades.

Service Area

Entergy Arkansas.

Situation Highlights

Little Rock has approximately 24,000 streetlights billed monthly through the Entergy tariff. The city owns and is responsible for maintenance for about 1000 of those lights. Little Rock currently pays $2.5 million per year for lights currently billed under the street light tariff rate structure.

The new Entergy tariff rate for high efficiency lighting (LED) was adopted at a higher rate than existing technology. Little Rock will need to consider enhanced rate relief and maintenance cost saving opportunities to justify the economic feasibility of a city-wide street lighting retrofit project.