Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative

Estimated Results Achieved from Completed Conversion
Number of Lights Committed Electricity Savings  kWh/yr) Value of Electricity Saved ($/yr) Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions (metric tonnes/yr)
4,500 1,568,250 $167,803 1,102




Program Description

The Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative has taken the initial steps to assist member communities with assessing the cost-saving opportunities of street light conversions to LED technology.

Service Area

Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative members include Parachute, Rifle, Silt, New Castle, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Garfield County, Colorado Mountain College, and the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority.

Situation Highlights

The Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative assists residents, businesses and governments throughout Garfield County to become more energy efficient and tap clean energy as a means to creating a stronger, more resilient economy. The Collaborative uses state legislation that allows governments to cooperate with one another to provide a service or function that is most efficiently provided on a regional basis rather than by single governments. The Collaborative sees street lighting as an opportunity for participating communities to save money while improving the quality of street and roadway lighting.  A focus is to develop a scope of work beginning with the initial inventory of existing lighting technology and utility tariffs, along with exploring airport runway lighting on behalf of local governments.

Additional Information