California Housing Partnership Corporation


Goals Progress
$25 Million$7 MillionAs of December 2016

California Housing Partnership Corporation (CHPC) is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping government and nonprofit housing agencies preserve and expand the supply of affordable homes for lower-income households in California. CHPC is recognized as a leader in energy efficiency policy and finance, and recently pioneered a new on-bill finance tool to preserve and recapitalize older assisted properties. In 2010, CHPC began convening the Green Rental home Energy Efficiency Network (GREEN), a coalition of over 80 mission-driven organizations working collaboratively to increase access to energy and water efficiency resources for the low-income rental housing sector.   

Markets Served: 

Affordable multifamily rental housing

Products and Services: 
  • Facilitated access to California Cap-and-Trade funding allocated for affordable multifamily whole-building energy efficiency retrofits in disadvantaged communities.
  • One-stop project screening for matching multifamily energy efficiency work plans with available utility program incentives. 
  • On-bill finance tool to securitize and recapitalize older assisted properties.
  • Comprehensive non-debt financing structures for facilitating solar PV investments.
  • Advocacy for comprehensive multifamily financing solutions for scaling energy investments and addressing split-incentive barriers.
To Learn More, Contact: 

Caroline McCormack, Sustainable Housing Policy Associate
(415) 433-6804 x313