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Energy Department Recognizes Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for 50001 Ready and ISO 50001 Certification

LBNL Facility BuildingThe U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognizes Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) for achieving 50001 Ready recognition. LBNL maintains its 50001 Ready recognition and ISO 50001 certification since attaining them in 2020, and recently re-attested to 50001 Ready in May 2023.

LBNL launched its sustainability program in 2012 and subsequently began to align its energy-management activities with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001 and ISO 14001 principles. To achieve 50001 Ready status, the Lab took measures involving 2.1 million square feet of built space and all activities that entail energy and water use (e.g., high-performance computing) or affect energy and water performance (e.g., procurement).

The Lab has a number of federal, state, and University of California greenhouse gas reduction targets, and longer-term mitigation has become the focus of its energy efficiency activities. The Lab has incorporated into its 50001 program the greenhouse gases associated with its energy consumption. The ISO 50001 energy-management standard and 50001 Ready provide the organizational structure required to build an energy-management program that will scale well and endure.

The LBNL team has recognized that the standard goes beyond technical issues to encompass the critical human factors that determine success or failure in an organization’s long-term management of energy. The team-driven, tailored processes have also become part of the Lab’s culture, available and understandable to everyone from leadership to new staff. In addition, 50001 Ready pushes LBNL to be more rigorous and systematic—in data collection, documentation, and communications.

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