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Better Buildings Goal Achievers

2023 Goal Achiever crystalsBetter Buildings Initiative Goal Achievers are leaders in decarbonization, energy efficiency, and water and waste efficiency and stand as an example for their peers in the public and private sectors. Goal Achievers have met their Better Climate Challenge to reduce GHG emissions by 50% in 10 years and/or their Better Buildings Challenge commitment to reduce their portfolio-wide energy use by 20% - 25% in 10 years or less.

Congratulations 2023 Goal Achievers!

Click on each organization to learn more about our 2023 goal achievers, what goals they set, and how they reached them.

Better Climate Challenge

Better Buildings Challenge

Financial Allies

Water Savings 

Waste Reduction 

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Who can join and what is the commitment? Review more Frequently Asked Questions about the Better Buildings Challenge and the different ways partners can be involved.