Make the business case for energy information systems to your financial team

The EMIS Team worked with Better Buildings Alliance members, building owners, and service providers to develop a business case for energy information system (EIS) adoption as well as technology uses for maximum benefit. EIS can enable site energy savings of up to 20%. However, implementationĀ remains low due to two critical barriers:

  • Lack of information on technology costs and associated energy and cost savings
  • Limited understanding of how the technology can be used for maximum benefit

The team presented on a webinar on detailed study findings, including generalized EIS technology procurement costs, specific energy and cost savings benefits, and best practice uses. EIS pricing models and cost drivers, and the relative impact of factors such as increased metering, were also presented.The webinar slides outline technology costs, cost saving benefits, and best practice uses from a cohort study of 26 organizations using EIS.