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LEEP Recognition Case Studies

LEEP Campaign participants have upgraded or installed energy efficiency equipment and/or lighting controls in over 565 million square feet of parking facilities, representing 1.7 million parking spots. Participants saved 229 million kWh annually, amounting to $24.2 million in electricity savings and deferring the energy usage of roughly 21,150 homes.

Cox Enterprises
With more than 40,000 parking spaces to light Cox Enterprises, owner of Manheim Pennsylvania Auto Auction achieved 50% lighting energy savings through a retrofit of outdoor lighting.

IRS/MC Realty
MC Realty replaced 1,500 metal halide fixtures with an equal number of T8 fluorescent fixtures to cut energy use by 2 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually.

MGM Resorts International installed energy efficient parking area lighting and controls at 65% of its U.S. facilities. By replacing more than 4,400 existing metal halide and high-pressure sodium light fixtures, MGM saved 4.5 million kWh per year across their portfolio.

Regency Centers
Regency Centers upgraded the parking lot lighting at Rona Plaza in Santa Ana, California. Regency Centers retrofitted the existing parking lot and exterior wall mounted fixtures with high efficiency LED fixtures coupled with a wireless dimming system. The retrofit resulted in energy savings of nearly 88%.

Marine Corps Base Quantico
With technical assistance from the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), the Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) undertook a major overhaul of its outdoor lighting, boosting safety and security throughout the site, while cutting energy costs and earning national recognition in the process.

With a total of 4,500 sites, Walmart’s commitment to efficiency in parking lighting in new construction and retrofits is paying off in major savings. Across 100 stores including both new and retrofitted sites, over 40 million square feet in surfaces for parking and over 100,000 parking spaces, Walmart is saving over 15 million kWh each year as a result of lighting upgrades.

At the Appleton Medical Center, ThedaCare replaced inefficient lighting fixtures at a 126,000 square foot parking structure with high efficiency low-wattage LED fixtures. The resulting energy savings exceed 80 percent of the previous usage.

University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota (U of M) upgraded the lighting at all 18 parking ramps and garages on its Minneapolis campus. The project achieved 90% energy savings by upgrading to LEDs with lighting controls.

JBG Companies
The JBG Companies (JBG) achieved almost 50% energy savings compared to energy code by using a combination of high efficiency LEDs coupled with lighting controls for the parking structure at the National Cancer Institute Shady Grove in Maryland.

NorthBay VacaValley Hospital completed lighting retrofits to their 150,000 square foot parking lot and its 225 parking spaces. They did so with help from The California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at the University of California, Davis. The project has achieved 65% savings.

Howard Hughes Corporation
The Howard Hughes Corporation upgraded the lighting for the parking structure at the Ward Centers in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Ward Centers parking structure is seven stories high, and encompasses nearly 300,000 square feet and houses over 800 parking spaces. The Ward Centers was able to achieve 75% in energy savings.

Kimco Realty Corporation provided upgrades to 160 sites across 25 states over 2 years.  Kimco has reduced their lighting energy usage primarily through the use of lighting controls for their parking lots representing approximately 51 million square feet of parking area.

The Northwest/Arctic Region branch of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) replaced 220 fixtures with LED fixtures in a four-story, 600-space parking facility. The conversion cut energy use by 180,000 kWh annually.

Army Reserve 63d
Army Reserve 63d Regional Support Command (63d RSC) installed LED fixtures for outdoor lighting at several facilities. The parking lot lighting retrofit at Camp Pike in Little Rock, AK resulted in a dramatic 85% reduction in energy use.

Camp Pendleton
Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base replaced fixtures in one parking lot with high-efficiency induction fixtures for 91% savings in energy use and $5,700 in cost savings annually. This parking lot is estimated to have a simple payback of 2.9 years. Site wide upgrades yielded annual savings of 1 million kWh.