Tools, Expertise & Training

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Proven energy management tools, expertise, and training are available for the 50001 Ready and Superior Energy Performance 50001 (SEP 50001) programs. Tap into these resources to establish your energy management system (EnMS), track performance, and calculate energy performance at your facility.

EnMS Tools & Expertise


Data Collection & Analysis Tools

EnPI Lite Tool

Use DOE's EnPI Lite tool to get started on estimating energy savings relative to relevant variables like production levels and weather. This online, regression-based calculator, designed to follow the 50001 Ready M&V Protocol, also processes data from the DOE Energy Footprint tool and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

EnPI Tool

Establish your energy consumption baseline and track energy performance indicators and energy and cost savings over time. This DOE Excel tool helps you identify key variables affecting energy performance and track facility or multiple site metrics needed for SEP 50001 and other efficiency programs.

Register of Implemented Energy Performance Improvement Actions

Organize and track performance for each improvement action at your facility. This Register provides one place to store and summarize key details to provide documentation for the bottom-up comparison of energy performance improvement in SEP 50001.

Tools for 50001 Ready Reporting

Use the EnPI Lite, a companion resource to the Navigator, to produce the report, or the 50001 Ready program also accepts data from other tools, e.g., EPA’s Portfolio Manager and calculators provided by utility programs.

DOE Tools & Software

Access a wide array of resources and tools on energy assessment, management, footprints, systems, and equipment.