Tarkett USA Inc. — 50001 Ready Facility


Tarkett provides innovative solutions for flooring and sports surfaces in diverse markets. The global parent company includes 36 manufacturing sites, 24 research laboratories, and 7 recycling centers around the world. In 2017, all European Tarkett facilities with 250 or more employees were certified to ISO 50001, and some factories in other regions have begun the certification process.

Tarkett USA’s 81,000-square-foot Florence East facility in Alabama employs approximately 150 people and manufactures several lines of vinyl flooring. The facility is proud to maintain a successful manufacturing operation in the United States—enabling consistent quality and short lead times. The facility, which uses electricity and natural gas, embraces Tarkett’s corporate commitment to sustainability. Already certified to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety management), the Florence East facility has worked with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and its local power company, Florence Utilities, to participate in their strategic energy management (SEM) initiative for the past year. By implementing projects and racking up energy savings, the facility is on track to potentially exceed its 2020 goal: reduce energy use 20% from 2010 levels.

“TVA’s SEM program helped us find real energy savings and improved the way we manage energy. We used the 50001 Ready Navigator Tool to make sure we weren’t leaving any savings on the table and to gain recognition for building an energy management system that tracks with ISO 50001.”

Michele Lemelin, Director of Operations
Florence East, Tarkett USA



TVA’s EnergyRight Solutions SEM initiative helped Florence East implement key elements of its energy management system with assistance from Strategic Energy Group, a consulting firm contracted by TVA to support participants. Adapting the 50001 Ready Navigator tool to its advantage, Tarkett leveraged the online U.S. Department of Energy software as a checklist to make sure the facility had not overlooked any components of an effective energy management system. By completing the 50001 Ready Navigator, Tarkett USA’s Florence East facility’s energy management system is in line with ISO 50001 and earned official recognition from the U.S. Department of Energy as a 50001 Ready facility in January 2019.

Implementing a 50001 Ready Energy Management System

  • In the first year of the two-year TVA SEM initiative, Florence East laid the groundwork for its energy management system by establishing its energy management principles, objectives, charter, and team—and by raising awareness across the facility.
  • TVA’s SEM initiative gave the facility a useful structure for incorporating energy management into its daily activities, and the training included understanding and interpreting monthly energy bills.
  • The 50001 Ready Navigator was leveraged by Tarkett as a checklist to ensure their newly developed energy management system is in line with ISO 50001, without the need for third-party certification.
  • Use of the 50001 Ready Navigator highlighted the need for better facility-wide communications on progress toward goals and ways all employees can contribute. Posting achievements on key performance indicators and relevant actions elevated employee engagement.
  • Receiving recognition as 50001 Ready reinforced employee commitment to continuously improve energy performance. In addition to regular energy tracking and analysis update activities, facility employees attend webinars to extend training in selected topics, such as compressed air and steam; for topics relevant to an entire team, all employees in a department may attend the training—and do the homework.

Key Takeaways

Utility-sponsored SEM programs can provide valuable technical assistance to develop energy management activities. The 50001 Ready Navigator can be leveraged by facilities participating in utility SEM programs to ensure their new energy management systems are in line with ISO 50001 and earn DOE recognition. Public benefit administrators and implementers can offer DOE recognition as an additional benefit to participating in their SEM programs.

“The 50001 Ready tool has proven to be a valuable resource to help energy managers gain clarity around ISO 50001 requirements. In addition, the 50001 Ready recognition serves as an effective benchmark that stakeholders can use to communicate successful SEM implementation.”

Cindy Herron, Vice President




Florence, Alabama