Phillips-Medisize—50001 Ready Facility


Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, provides design, development, and manufacturing services to the drug delivery, consumable diagnostic, medical device and specialty commercial markets. The company has manufacturing capabilities at 26 locations in 10 countries around the globe. Phillips-Medisize upholds compliance with the Food and Drug Administration and lives by numerous international quality certificates, regulations and standards, including ISO 14001, 13485 and 9001.

In addition to aligning with industry requirements, the company maintains a long-standing commitment to saving energy, where employee education and environmental stewardship are at the helm of the business.  In the effort to maximize downstream energy savings, its engineers aim to consider a range of energy implications early in the product design process.

The Phillips-Medisize Menomonie-Red Cedar facility is a recent testament to the company’s emphasis on environmental responsibility.  This Wisconsin site – which employs about 250 people and covers approximately 77,000 square feet – houses many plastic injection molding presses that account for most of the energy consumed at the company’s local campus.  Working with the Wisconsin Focus on Energy’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program, Phillips-Medisize completed several major projects to reduce the facility’s demand for electricity and natural gas.  Focus on Energy helped the company launch a more systematic approach to energy savings overall.



Phillips-Medisize first learned of the U.S. Department of Energy’s 50001 Ready program through working with the Wisconsin Focus on Energy’s SEM group.  The Menomonie facility pursued the 50001 Ready Program and its Navigator tool as a logical next step to sustainably elevate its energy performance. The facility achieved 50001 Ready status in November 2018.

“50001 Ready made it much easier for us to establish and track our energy goals and communicate our progress to employees,” said Matt Jennings, CEO and President of Phillips-Medisize. “Now we’re an organization that proactively points out ways we can save energy and deliver continuous improvement to our customers while conserving the environment.”

Keys to Implementing a 50001 Ready Energy Management System

To uphold the standards of 50001 Ready status at its Menomonie site, Phillips-Medisize followed a systematic approach involving the following steps and best practices:

  • Communicating the focus areas, benefits and challenges of 50001 Ready was essential to obtaining management buy-in; Cross-functional teams consisting of company representatives from operations, maintenance, construction and management. This 10-member Energy Team also pulled in specialists as needed;
  • Energy concepts derived from DOE’s 50001 Ready Program ignited more meaningful discussions pertaining to and enhancing the facility’s existing ISO 14001 environmental management program;
  • Based on quantified energy savings, the practice of shutting off equipment (such as presses) when not in use was extended to the supporting pumps, conveyors and other machinery that draw power when idle;
  • DOE’s 50001 Ready Navigator online software tool helped uncover gaps and big wins. For example, the facility discovered it was running twice as many machines than needed to dry plastic resin beads;
  • Having a utility company representative from Xcel Energy participate in meetings helped maximize resources (e.g. shared utility intern) and interpret energy bills to identify needed equipment upgrades; and
  • The 50001 Ready process resulted in a proposed upgrade to the compressor system. Having operations, management and maintenance at the table reviewing data lended to new perspectives and insights.


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Since working with Focus on Energy and implementing 50001 Ready, the Menomonie site has become more proactive in planning and more conscious of carrying out simple everyday tasks that save energy, such as turning off machines when not in use. The facility’s Operational Excellence Team has witnessed how energy savings from a single press multiply rapidly when applied to more than 40 pieces of equipment. Checklists, posted reminders and daily internal audits reinforce the need to monitor energy use throughout the workplace.

Phillips-Medisize management is equally committed to preventing machines from wasting energy when idle. Capital equipment upgrades have further reduced maintenance tasks, and switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs has improved safety.

Today, simple energy-saving measures have made a big impact with little or no additional implementing cost, and the Menomonie facility’s entire workforce has contributed to maximizing these savings. The Focus on Energy program, 50001 Ready process and 50001 Ready Navigator has enabled the site to increase and sustain its energy savings, all while improving its bottom line.

Preparing for a Bright Future

Implementing 50001 Ready at a site that had already made substantial investments in energy efficiency helped the company evaluate the program’s potential as a way to take corporate energy performance to the next level.  The Menomonie facility plans to renew its 50001 Ready status next year, and Phillips-Medisize is looking to implement 50001 Ready at one of its Eau Claire, Wisconsin facilities as well as other sites in the near future.



Menomonie, Wisconsin

Menomonie, WI Site Fuels its Commitment to Energy Savings with 50001 Ready Designation
Menomonie, WI Site Fuels its Commitment to Energy Savings with 50001 Ready Designation

Menomonie, WI Site Fuels its Commitment to Energy Savings with 50001 Ready Designation
Menomonie, WI Site Fuels its Commitment to Energy Savings with 50001 Ready Designation