SEP 50001 Silver, Gold & Platinum

SEP 50001 logoOrganizations that earn SEP 50001 Silver, Gold, or Platinum have achieved three significant successes: certification to ISO 50001, certification to SEP 50001, and demonstrated use of best practices via the SEP 50001 Scorecard.

The Scorecard defines the credits and associated points for improvements in energy performance and implementing actions, processes, procedures, or advanced technologies beyond the requirements for ISO 50001 and SEP 50001.  Credit categories include energy performance improvement; energy management system; certification, partnership, and reporting; advanced technologies; and advanced energy supply.

Qualify for SEP 50001 Silver, Gold, or Platinum:


Use Scorecard

  • Use the SEP 50001 Scorecard and Declaration while implementing SEP 50001 (2019).
    • Some credits require additional documents when submitting the Declaration, so compile these materials along the way, i.e., “OS 6: Share SEP 50001 Experience and Data” and “CR 3: Promotion of ISO 50001.”

Confirm accuracy of Scorecard Declaration

  • Engage a 50001 CP EnMS to review and confirm the accuracy of the Declaration by entering his or her name, title, email, and phone number on the application.
    • If this 50001 CP EnMS wasn’t involved with implementing ISO 50001, then an onsite review by this CP EnMS is required.  
    • The 50001 CP EnMS can be a staff member within your organization, an external consultant (find a 50001 CP EnMS).
  • Engage top management to review the Declaration and confirm its accuracy by entering his or her name, title, email, and phone number on the application.

Submit Scorecard Declaration for Review

  • Submit the Declaration to the Administrator, 
    The Administrator will review the Declaration and notify you of approval, or if needed, request a call or webinar for more details. The Administrator will provide a certificate indicating the level of recognition achieved.

This recognition is valid for up to three months beyond the expiration date of the SEP 50001 certificate. Earn additional Scorecard points and jump up a level at 12 and/or 24 months after certification.

FAQ's: SEP 50001 Silver, Gold, and Platinum Recognition FAQs

The Scorecard provides details for earning these higher levels of recognition. Check out responses to several key FAQs or see the complete list of FAQs (coming soon).

Does my organization or facility need to be certified to SEP 50001 before it is eligible for SEP 50001 Silver, Gold, or Platinum?

Yes, SEP 50001 program certification is required to earn SEP 50001 Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Use the Scorecard while implementing SEP 50001 is recommended but not required. Once your organization is certified, submit the Scorecard Declaration to earn one of these higher levels of recognition.

What is the difference between the Scorecard and the Scorecard Declaration?

The Scorecard and Scorecard Declaration contain the same content; however, the Declaration is an Excel spreadsheet that includes functionality to enter credits that you’ve completed and calculate your recognition score. You will submit the Declaration to the Administrator. The PDF version of the Scorecard may be easier to scan and read.

Does the Verification Body audit the Scorecard during for SEP 50001 certification?

No. The SEP 50001 Scorecard is not audited by the Verification Body as part of certification. 

Is the Scorecard Declaration audited?

An organization will complete the Declaration, which lists the scorecard points earned and the corresponding level of recognition (Silver, Gold, or Platinum). The accuracy of information on the Declaration will be confirmed by the signatures of a top manager within the organization and a qualified energy management professional (50001 CP EnMS). The Administrator may wish to spot check the data via a telephone call (or webinar) with your energy team leader, top management representative, and the 50001 CP EnMS who performed the Scorecard audit. During the call (~30 minutes) to address content related to the application, you may be asked to share evidence in support of the credits claimed.

How long is the Silver, Gold, and Platinum recognition valid?

This recognition is valid for up to three months beyond the expiration date of the SEP 50001 certificate. Once the organization has been recertified, all Scorecard points must be checked and submitted anew.

My organization is certified to SEP 2017 (or SEP 2012). Can I use the SEP 50001 Scorecard to earn SEP 50001 Silver, Gold, or Platinum?

No, SEP 2017 and SEP 2012 each have their respective versions of the Scorecard.

Our organization earned more scorecard credits in the past year. Can we move to Gold or Platinum?

Organizations may add Scorecard credit points to achieve a higher recognition level at 12 and/or 24 months after the date that SEP 50001 program certificate was issued. Only newly added credit points will be reviewed.

To do so:

  • Increase EP1 credit points: Obtain a new verified SEnPI by either recertifying to SEP 50001 early or by having a certified SEP Performance Verifier verify a new SEnPI.
  • Increase credit points (other than EP1): Submit a revised Declaration with updated credit points.