SEP 50001 Application: EnMS Effective Personnel Guidance

Item 5d of the Superior Energy Performance 50001™ (SEP 50001™) Application for the 2019 program calls for the number of effective personnel involved with the energy management system (EnMS). Effective personnel are those that materially impact the EnMS. This web page serves as a worksheet to help organizations determine the number of effective personnel. For each category, list the persons who are involved. When you finish, count the number of people involved, and that will be your effective personnel to include on the SEP Application. Do not include the same person more than once if that person is listed under more than one category.

Determine the number of EnMS effective personnel:

a) List your top management team;

b) List your energy management team members;

c) person(s) responsible for major changes affecting energy performance;

d) person(s) responsible for the effectiveness of the EnMS;

e) person(s) responsible for developing, implementing or maintaining energy performance improvements including objectives;

f) person(s) responsible for developing, implementing or maintaining energy targets and action plans;

g) person(s) responsible for significant energy uses.

Total number of persons from the above lists: