SEP 2012

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PLEASE NOTE: Organizations should use the latest program version, SEP 50001 (2019), for certification or recertification. Already certified to SEP 2012 or SEP 2017? Check out the SEP 50001 (2019) Transition Guide and learn about the program update and name change.

This page contains the standards, protocols, and documents for seeking certification to the 2012 Superior Energy Performance (SEP 2012) program.  The SEP 2012 program documents below are free to download, unless noted otherwise.

SEP 2012 Program Documents

ISO 50001
Specifies the requirements for an energy management system. Available for purchase.

Use the optional transition guide for a summary of each change between 2011 and 2018 and recommended actions.  

ANSI/MSE 50021-2013
Specifies the SEP 2012 requirements beyond those of ISO 50001.  Available for purchase.

Application and Enrollment Form
Provides facility information to the Administrator and verification body, submit to the Administrator when ready to undergo the audit.

Certification Protocol 2012
Describes the purpose of the SEP 2012 program and defines the steps required for certification.

Measurement and Verification Protocol 2012
Sets forth a verifiable methodology to determine energy performance improvement.

Scorecard 2012
Defines the credits needed to become certified to SEP 2012 using the Mature Energy Pathway. (Required for the Mature Energy Pathway only) Use the SEP Scorecard Calculator to easily calculate scorecard points earned.

Voluntary Cost/Benefit Form 2012
Provides information to help build the business case for SEP 50001. DOE maintains the confidentiality of proprietary energy and production related data.

Pre-approval for Alternative Approaches
Forms to request approval for alternative approaches specified in the M&V Protocol.

SEP 2012 Documents Interpretations
Provides up-to-date interpretations of the intent of language in the SEP 2012 program documents.

Policy Notification
As of May 7, 2015, Commercial Buildings (ISO 50003 - Buildings and Building Complexes) may certify to the SEP program. Although the SEP program was originally developed for industry, it was determined to be applicable to commercial buildings.

For Verification Bodies Only:

ANSI/MSE 50028-2012
Specifies the principles and requirements SEP Verification Bodies. Available for purchase.

Energy Performance Improvement Report 2012
Sent to SEP Administrator to provide basic certification details for DOE recognition of the facility’s achievement.


Check out responses to several key FAQs for SEP 2012 or see the complete list of FAQs (coming soon).

How long will SEP 2012 be available?

Organizations should use the latest program version, SEP 50001 (2019), for certification or recertification. As of December 6, 2020, no audits shall be conducted to SEP 2012 and SEP 2017. By August 21, 2021, organizations must be fully transitioned to SEP 50001 (2019); certificates to SEP 2017 and SEP 2012 will be withdrawn, please see the SEP 50001 (2019) Transition Guide for details.

Can organizations use multi-site auditing and sampling with the SEP 2012 program?

SEP recognizes the publication of ISO 50003:2014, which addresses multi-site sampling of the EnMS. Multi-site sampling of the EnMS is allowed given certain conditions, see details in the SEP 2012 Documents Interpretations. Please note, verification of energy performance improvement for SEP, however, will occur at each individual facility seeking SEP certification.

What if my facility is already ISO 50001 certified?

For SEP 2012, the certification audit for ISO 50001 and SEP is conducted together, and must be completed by an SEP Verification Body using certified personnel (an SEP Lead Auditor and SEP Performance Verifier) for both the SEP and ISO 50001 audits.