SEP 50001 Measurement and Verification Protocol

The SEP 50001 Measurement and Verification Protocol (2019) sets forth a verifiable methodology to determine energy performance improvement in the 2019 version of SEP 50001. English, Spanish, and French versions are available.

The May 6, 2019 document was updated on October 29, 2019 with clarifications. The following clarifications introduced no new requirements:

  • Practical examples replace general examples in Section On-site Extraction or Generation of Energy from Natural Resources.
  • Section Feedstock and Resulting Energy Types clarifies that energy that is delivered to the facility and used as a feedstock or flared for its disposal (rather than consumed as energy) may be excluded from the energy accounting. The section also clarifies and expands detail on the energy accounting of energy types resulting from the processing of feedstock that are consumed within or delivered away from the facility boundaries. The organization may select the point at which an energy type resulting from the use of a feedstock is metered and accounted for, as long is at a reasonable location in relation to the generation and use of that energy type.


The English version of the document reflects these updates. Translated versions of the updates will be posted when available.

Use the optional Measurement and Verification Protocol Guidance document and check out the Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) tool.

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Mon, 2019-05-06
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