SEP 50001 Forms for Pre-Approvals for Alternative Approaches

To accommodate differences in manufacturing operations, some facilities may use alternative approaches as specified in the Superior Energy Performance 50001 (SEP 50001) Program Measurement and Verification Protocol or Certification Protocol and summarized in the table below.

Before submitting your application for the SEP 50001 (2019 program version), we strongly encourage you to request pre-approval from the SEP 50001 Program Administrator ( if you use any of the alternative approaches below. Pre-approval is recommended due to the amount of time to review these requests. If you request approval for alternate approaches at the same time of your application, the application process may be delayed.

Alternative Approach Section of Protocol Request for Approval Form
Site-specific or other derived energy type multipliers proposed are not listed in Annex B of the SEP 50001 Program M&V Protocol. M&V Protocol Section 5.1.1, Annex B SEP 50001 Form 1
Use of a complex regression model, including rationale M&V Protocol Section 6.3.2 SEP 50001 Form 2
Justification of non-routine adjustments, including calculations M&V Protocol Section 5.3.2 SEP 50001 Form 3
Any other alternative approaches, deviations from SEP 50001 Program M&V Protocol requirements, or situations that require review and approval by the SEP 50001 Program Administrator. M&V Protocol Section 1.1 SEP 50001 Form 4
Combining Existing SEP Certified Sites onto Single SEP 50001 Multi-Site Certificate – Baseline adjustment for one or more facility Certification Protocol Section 5.2.2 SEP 50001 Form 5
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Wed, 2019-05-15
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