SEP 50001 Application

SEP 50001 logoApply today:

  • Download and complete the SEP 50001 (2019) Application for the 2019 version of SEP 50001. 
  • Choose your Verification Body
  • Submit the application when your facility is ready to undergo the audit: Currently, no application fees are charged


Is your facility ready to apply for certification?
☐ An EnMS that meets ISO 50001 requirements is in place
☐ Energy performance improvement has been achieved and meets the M&V Protocol requirements
☐ Requirements in MSE 50028-1:2019 are met
☐ Ready for the audit to verify the items above
☐ SEP 50001 Verification Body selected
☐ If applicable, forms for pre-approvals for alternative approaches are complete or already submitted

The Administrator will review your application to ensure completeness. Once approved, the Administrator will notify you and will then send your application to your chosen verification body. The Verification Body issues both the ISO 50001 and SEP 50001 certificates.

DOE recognizes SEP 50001 certified facilities and offers higher levels of recognition: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

(For SEP 2017 or SEP 2012, a different application is available, visit the SEP 2017 or SEP 2012 program pages,)

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Tue, 2019-05-21
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