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Certify and Get Recognized

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Facilities and organizations that achieve sustained excellence using their energy management systems 
(EnMS) may get certified to the Superior Energy Performance 50001 (SEP 50001) program and earn 
elevated DOE recognition using the SEP 50001 Scorecard.

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SEP 50001 (2019) is the current version of the program.

How to Participate in SEP 50001 (2019)

Achieving certification and recognition involves four key steps:


Implement an Energy Management System using ISO 50001
Establish an ISO 50001-compliant EnMS and improve your energy performance.

Once you’ve established your EnMS and are ready for the audit, submit an application to the Program Administrator. Choose a Verification Body to conduct the audit.
The SEP 50001 Program Administrator sends your approved application to your chosen Verification Body. You’ll work with the Verification Body to schedule and complete the audit.

Get Recognized
The Verification Body will issue the certificate and DOE will recognize your achievement. Certification is valid for three years; remember to apply for recertification!

Entities that exceed certification requirements can qualify for Silver, Gold, or Platinum.


Business Case

Join the ranks of other leading organizations, see the list of certified facilities. An ISO 50001 energy management system produces energy savings that directly impact the bottom line and endure over time. See the business case, scan case studies, and watch videos and webinars for an inside view into implementation and cost savings.

Considering SEP 50001? Use these materials to inform, educate, and engage your colleagues: See the fact sheet and get a quick overview of the program with these informational materials.

Program Documents

SEP quote by Volvo Trucks

Below are the SEP 50001 program documents for:  

  • Certification
  • Recognition for Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels
  • Use by Verification Bodies

These program documents are free to download, unless noted otherwise.


ISO 50001
Specifies the requirements for an energy management system. Available for purchase.  

ANSI/MSE 50028-1:2019
Specifies the SEP 50001 program requirements beyond those of ISO 50001. Available for purchase.

Application for SEP 50001 (2019)
Provides facility information to the Administrator and verification body, submit to the Administrator when ready to undergo the audit.

Certification Protocol (2019)
Describes to energy performance improvements requirements timeframes, and the process for becoming certified to the SEP 50001 program. English, Spanish, and French versions are available.

Measurement and Verification Protocol (2019)
Sets forth a verifiable methodology to determine energy performance improvement. English, Spanish, and French versions are available.

Use the optional guidance document and check out the Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) tool.

Register of Implemented Energy Performance Improvement Actions
Provides one place to summarize key details for improvement actions to provide the required documentation for the bottom-up comparison of energy performance improvement.

Voluntary Cost/Benefit Form (2019)
Provides information to help build the business case for SEP 50001. DOE maintains the confidentiality of proprietary energy and production related data.

Energy Performance Improvement Report 2019
Use for multi-site certification, the applicant's internal SEP Performance Verifier completes this report for each site not sampled, and submits this report to the Verification Body's SEP Performance Verifier.

Pre-approval for Alternative Approaches
Forms to request approval for alternative approaches specified in the M&V Protocol.
Documents Interpretations
Provides up-to-date interpretations of the intent of language in the SEP 50001 program documents.


Recognition for Silver, Gold, and Platinum:

Scorecard and Declaration (2019)
Defines credits and points needed to earn a higher level of DOE recognition: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Use the Scorecard Declaration (Excel) to easily calculate points earned. Submit this for recognition.


For Verification Bodies:

ANSI/MSE 50028-2:2019
Specifies the principles and requirements for SEP 50001 Verification Bodies. Available for purchase.

Energy Performance Improvement Report 2019
Sent to Administrator to provide basic certification details for DOE recognition.



SEP 50001 FAQs

Check out responses to several key FAQs for SEP 50001 (2019).

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