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Become an Energy Management Professional

Capturing the greatest savings and establishing the system to sustain those savings over time requires a broad range of skills in today‚Äôs market. Gain those skills through the professional training and certification program for 50001 Certified Practitioners in Energy Management Systems (50001 CP EnMS). These professionals are50001 Ready logo experienced and qualified experts who can help companies establish an ISO 50001 energy management system.

The training and certification program combines traditional energy efficiency and continual business improvement skills. The Association of Energy Engineers[1] administers the exam and certification for the 50001 CP EnMS credential. The range of expertise includes energy fundamentals, ISO 50001 concepts, models, statistics, business decision-making, operating characteristics of key energy using systems, fundamentals of system optimization, regulatory requirements and more.


50001 CP EnMS Training, Exam, and Certification

Georgia Tech Professional Education is licensed to offer 50001 CP EnMS training; both online training and classroom training is available. This training is recommended to prepare for the exam, but not required.

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) administers the exam and certification.

Support Organizations using SEP 50001

To support organizations that are using SEP 50001, specific training is recommended. Successful completion of this training is required for a 50001 CP EnMS involved in confirming the accuracy of the Scorecard Declaration as part of qualifying for Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

SEP 50001 Program Specialist Training for 2019: Gain an understanding of the current program, SEP 50001 (2019). Georgia Tech Professional Education offers this online training with knowledge checks and provides a completion certificate upon successful completion.

- Register for this training and knowledge checks
- Submit the completion certificate to AEE


[1] The Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP) was a provider of professional credentialing services in support of SEP 50001 and energy management systems until August 1, 2021. IEnMP transferred these credentials to AEE. The SEP 50001 program issued an Interpretation regarding the impacts of the transition of the energy management credentials from IEnMP to AEE. SEP 50001 will continue recognizing valid IEnMP certificates until their expiration dates. Read the DOE announcement to learn more about the transference.