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Get Recognized: 50001 Ready for Facilities and End Users

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How many energy best practices can you find at your facility? 50001 Ready can help you build on your existing business practices to establish a culture of continual energy improvement.

How do facilities participate in the 50001 Ready program?

Achieving the 50001 Ready designation at the facility level involves three key steps:

Complete the 25 tasks in the 50001 Ready Navigator
Follow the guidance and track your progress through four topic areas (Planning, Energy Review, Continual Improvement, and System Management) in the 50001 Ready Navigator, an online guide provided by DOE. All guidance in the Navigator will be maintained by DOE to ensure alignment with ISO 50001. Find out more about the 50001 Ready Navigator >
Self-attest to their completion
Have your energy management team lead and a senior management representative sign a simple self-attestation form to confirm the establishment of an energy management system once all tasks in the 50001 Ready Navigator have been completed. Upload your signed Attestation Form in the Navigator.
Measure and improve energy performance over time
Use DOE’s Energy Performance Indicator Tool Lite (EnPI Lite), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Portfolio Manager, or other calculators provided by utility programs to model, compare and report annual energy performance. Find out about energy performance calculators >

Throughout the process, you will have access to subject matter expertise and technical support from the 50001 Ready program's Help Desk. DOE continues to develop its Tools and Resources to best support your self-paced, self-directed implementation of a 50001 Ready EnMS. For additional expert assistance, find out how to tap into ISO 50001 training and check out the 50001 Ready Partners that offer resources such as in-person training workshops, remote coaching, and financial incentives. Already using ISO 14001? Check out DOE’s Adaptation Guide and detailed Crosswalk to find out how to leverage your ISO 14001 system to add 50001 Ready and ISO 50001.

At this time, DOE's 50001 Ready designation is only issued at the facility level—this means that if your organization has multiple facilities, you have the opportunity to achieve multiple 50001 Ready designations. Some facilities may consist of multiple buildings (such as campuses and complexes); Task 3 in the Navigator is for you to determine the scope and boundaries of your 50001 Ready EnMS. 

Completing these steps to achieve the 50001 Ready designation typically takes between 6-18 months, though it may be much sooner if you already participate in programs like Better Buildings, Better Plants. With the 50001 Ready designation, DOE will publicly feature your organization on its website and provide you with materials to help promote the achievements of your 50001 Ready facilities. You will also have the opportunity to work with DOE to develop case studies and other material to showcase your EnMS journey.

The 50001 Ready designation is valid for one year, and may be renewed twice for one-year periods. Renewal requires only a re-attestation of your EnMS, and a recent energy performance improvement report.

How can 50001 Ready bring value to your business?

Reduce operational costs and uncertainty
An energy management system positions your organization to achieve and sustain energy and cost savings through informed and systematic decision-making. Structuring the management of energy—like most organizations already do with finance, personnel, inventory, production, and quality—improves certainty in outcomes and reduces the risk of unexpected energy-related financial obligations. Following implementation of an energy management system, business leaders in all types of organizations have seen substantial improvements in facility energy performance.

Qualify for utility rebate programs
The 50001 Ready program provides expert guidance for establishing a management system to identify, prioritize, and implement projects that will improve your facilities' energy performance, and to measure those gains over time. Tracking of comprehensive performance analytics to validate continuous improvement may allow your organization to participate in energy efficiency programs and take advantage of performance rebates offered by state and local utility programs.

Improve your competitiveness
The 50001 Ready program aligns with existing corporate business management systems and operating practices, and enables companies to increase their energy productivity while also improving health, safety and comfort. Energy savings make an immediate contribution to your bottom line, and recurring efficiencies can be translated directly into accelerated capital and human resource investments for your organization.

Influence your value chain
Achieving the 50001 Ready designation allows your organization to lead by example and encourage the establishment of structured energy management systems by your suppliers and value chain partners. This can result in more agile and efficient operations by reducing the energy uncertainty of inbound and outbound activities, while building a community of trusted partners to share energy management best practices.

Demonstrate business leadership
By joining 50001 Ready, cutting-edge organizations will be early leaders in gaining the value of structured energy management systems, and your experiences and input will help guide DOE as it supports the adoption of these systems and unlocks the resultant savings for the overall U.S. economy.

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