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50001 Ready Help Desk

  • General 50001 Ready program inquiries
  • General energy management or ISO 50001 questions 
  • General or technical questions about guidance provided in the 50001 Ready Navigator, EnPI Lite, or any DOE-provided resource
  • Technical troubleshooting for Navigator or EnPI Lite
  • Technical questions about implementing or maintaining an energy management system
  • Technical questions about energy performance modeling
  • Energy performance reporting requirements and acceptable forms
  • Questions about your facility's designation status
  • Questions or thoughts about sharing your 50001 Ready achievements

Ethan Rogers, 
DOE Industrial Efficiency & Decarbonization Office

  • Partnering with 50001 Ready as an energy efficiency program administrator, utility or implementer
  • Cobranding opportunities for the Navigator

SEP 50001 Team:

  • Questions about certification
  • Questions about recognition levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Ethan Rogers,
DOE Industrial Efficiency & Decarbonization Office

  • Questions regarding your interest in participating in SEP 50001
  • Questions or thoughts about sharing your SEP 50001 achievements

SEP 50001 Standards Coordinator: Melody McElwee, 
SEP 50001 Standards Administrator: Deann Desai, 

  • Questions regarding interpretation of requirements in ANSI/MSE 50028-1 and ANSI/MSE 50028-2.