About the 50001 Ready Navigator

Managing energy use in any facility is a team effort, and the 50001 Ready Navigator is an online guide that can assist you in putting an energy management system in place. The Navigator has been developed by DOE to align with the structure and requirements of ISO 50001, to ensure that you are instituting and maintaining your EnMS to the best practices of the global standard.

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Guide: Getting Started with the 50001 Ready Navigator

The Navigator is freely available for public use; you do not need to set up an account or pursue a 50001 Ready designation to have full access to guidance and resources within the Navigator. Set up an account to use Navigator to track your progress and invite team members to collaborate on your projects.

Use of the Navigator is required for the 50001 Ready designation and subsequent renewals. The Navigator is not required for ISO 50001 or SEP certification, but still recommended.

Building on the structure of ISO 50001, DOE has outlined 25 tasks with supporting guidance that your team will need to complete in order to implement a 50001 Ready system. The 25 tasks are grouped by the seven sections of the ISO 50001:2018 standard:

  1. Context of the Organization (tasks 1-3)
  2. Leadership (tasks 4-6)
  3. Planning (tasks 7-13)
  4. Support (tasks 14-16)
  5. Operation (tasks 17-19)
  6. Performance Evaluation (tasks 20-23)
  7. Improvement (tasks 24-25)

In the Navigator, you and your team members will note the status of each task – either Not Started (the default setting), In Progress, Ready for Review, or Complete. Once all 25 tasks have been completed and designated as such, your team can upload your 1) self-attestation file and 2) energy performance report, and request DOE recognition directly through the Navigator.

To work through the tasks offline, check out the 50001 Ready Navigator Playbook, a companion resource that offers a repository to organize, save, and track completed documents on a local drive or network. Within the Playbook, users can open, edit, and save forms related to Navigator tasks. Track completed actions by checking boxes in the Playbook's included forms. Forms embedded in the Playbook cover several combined tasks and have been distilled to more simplified versions compared to those embedded in the Navigator. 

Multi-site Features

Organizations with more than one facility using the 50001 Ready Navigator should make use of the tool's multi-site features. The deep and continuing energy savings typically achieved with ISO 50001 become more accessible when multiple sites within a company share a common energy management system (EnMS). Typically, a “central office” provides tools, training, and resources to two or more sites. This approach reduces the effort and cost of implementation at each site, encourages sharing of best practices, and boosts savings. Features include:

  • Dashboard: A main project hub enables the EnMS Lead to manage the wider effort from a virtual “central office,” assign roles, grant access to team members, and facilitate effective two-way communications.
  • Centralized organizational tasks: The Lead can tackle those activities that apply to all sites, such as energy policy, management commitment, and legal requirements. Another big time saver: the tool recommends which tasks are best centralized.
  • Staff time savers: Site representatives need only review products or guidance assigned from the central office, significantly reducing redundant EnMS tasks at each site. For remaining site-level tasks, each site can learn from others to expedite progress.
  • Progress monitoring: The Lead can check progress on all tasks at a glance across all participating sites and see where help may be needed.
  • Standardized procedures: The EnMS system creates a central repository of data, reports, and procedures, which helps all facilities get on the same page. This uniform approach to energy management across facilities streamlines understanding, operations, and training.

Questions about multi-site features? Contact the 50001 Ready Help Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

Click "More" below to read Frequently Asked Questions about the 50001 Ready Navigator. A full list of FAQs can be found here.

What is the 50001 Ready Navigator?
The 50001 Ready Navigator is an online guide for establishing an energy management system to plan, identify, prioritize, and implement projects that will improve your facility’s energy performance. Completion of the 50001 Ready Navigator prepares facilities to pursue certification to the international best practice for energy management systems, ISO 50001.

Who should use the 50001 Ready Navigator?
The 50001 Ready Navigator is designed for use by industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations looking to implement a structured energy management system (EnMS) at their facilities. Completion of all 25 tasks in the 50001 Ready Navigator is a required element if you are seeking DOE recognition of 50001 Ready for your facility. Use of the 50001 Ready Navigator application is not required to receive ISO 50001 or SEP certification, though it would likely be helpful.

Do I need to use the 50001 Ready Navigator to pursue a 50001 Ready designation?
Yes, use of the 50001 Ready Navigator is required for the 50001 Ready designation.

Do I need to pursue a 50001 Ready designation to use the 50001 Ready Navigator?
No, the 50001 Ready Navigator is freely and fully available for public use. You do not need to pursue the 50001 Ready designation to set up an account or access the guidance. All guidelines in the Navigator may be used by any entity as they see fit, independent of DOE recognition.

How is the 50001 Ready Navigator different from DOE’s eGuide?
The 50001 Ready Navigator is DOE’s most recent iteration of the eGuide, and is designed to enable more effective team collaboration through a simplified and enhanced user interface, streamlined guidance, and the ability to create, store, and share notes among users.

Does the 50001 Ready Navigator require any proprietary information?
The 50001 Ready Navigator does not provide the ability to upload or store any proprietary or sensitive information. All worksheets and forms provided in the Navigator's resource database are intended for your internal use only, and should not be shared with DOE through the Navigator or otherwise. Information stored in the Navigator is limited to:

  • User name and contact information
  • Facility type and location
  • Affiliation with related programs
  • Assignment of users to projects and tasks
  • Task status
  • Task notes inputted by users
  • Self-attestation form
  • Energy performance output file

Are user training resources available for the 50001 Ready Navigator?
DOE is currently developing additional resources (e.g., videos, user manuals) to provide guidance for using the 50001 Ready Navigator. If you have specific requests, suggestions, or questions, please message the 50001 Ready Navigator management team via the Contact Us form.

How can we provide comments for the 50001 Ready Navigator?
Your assistance in improving the 50001 Ready Navigator and related resources is extremely valuable and much appreciated. Please report any bugs and send any comments to the 50001 Ready Navigator management team via the Contact Us form.