50001 Ready Utility Network Series

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) hosts the 50001 Ready Utility Network Series, a forum for utilities, public benefit administrators (PBA), third party implementers, consultants, and regulators who share an interest in energy management systems (EnMS) including ISO 50001 and DOE’s 50001 Ready program.

The network one-hour webinars convene at 12 p.m. ET on the third Wednesday of every other month. Webinars feature speakers from the ratepayer efficiency community who share their success leveraging the 50001 Ready program and assets to increase value and energy savings of ratepayer energy efficiency programs.

Through these webinars with presentations and discussion, stakeholders can learn about DOE energy management resources. Participants share success stories, best practices, and ways to leverage and add to existing resources to support state and local program offerings. In addition to the ratepayer community learning from its shared experiences, DOE receives feedback on how to build additional value into 50001 Ready for program administrators and implementers, helping steer updates to existing tools and development of new ones.

To register for the series, contact Sandy Glatt, Project Manager in DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, at sandy.glatt@ee.doe.gov.


  • May 15, 2019 (12:00 p.m. ET): May’s webinar will feature a demonstration of new portal capabilities in the 50001 Ready Navigator tool that utilities can use to manage cohorts of customers that are implementing energy management systems. Utilities can add their branding in the portal plus add content to better connect Navigator activities with their specific SEM or custom programs. DOE will also introduce the 50001 Ready Playbook, another resource that offers a repository to organize, save, and track completed forms and actions related to Navigator tasks. To register, contact Sandy Glatt, sandy.glatt@ee.doe.gov.


  • February 20, 2019: Training Opportunities to Support 50001 Ready Customer Implementation and Technical Assistance. This webinar provided an overview of 50001 EnMS Practitioner in Training and the 50001 CP EnMS credentials. View a summary on these credentials offered by the Institute of Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP), check out classroom and online training, or sign up for notifications of upcoming energy management courses through Georgia Tech Professional Education. Also, representatives in the utility/implementers community who have obtained the certification and used the training share their perspective.

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  • November 28, 2018: DOE shared updates and provided an overview and demonstration of new features in the 50001 Ready Navigator tool for utilities and implementers, such as a playbook, a useful offline resource to complete the Navigator tasks, and functionality to manage a cohort of customers implementing ISO 50001.

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  • September 19, 2018: DOE has developed a set of outreach/training materials meant for those involved in utility/PBA programs to educate and promote inclusion of 50001 Ready as part of energy efficiency and customer engagement program offerings. Attendees were encouraged to share input to help DOE produce resources that meet needs and fill gaps.

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  • July 2018: In July’s webinar, Sergio Dias described the spectrum of 50001 Ready program design and training resources available to help utilities and implementers incorporate some or all aspects of the 50001 Ready program into their customer offering. The resources are open-source, available for free, and can be flexibly tailored based on utility and implementer needs. Sandy Glatt introduced energy management/50001 Ready training materials currently in development.

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  • May 2018: May’s webinar featured two guest speakers: Ed Birch of the Strategic Energy Group and Randy Goff, Director of Facilities and Energy at Four Seasons Produce. Mr. Birch provided insights into his use of the 50001 Ready Navigator and recognition program to add value for his customers. Mr. Goff, shared his company’s experiences using 50001 Ready at its 266,000 square foot refrigerated facility and distribution center in Pennsylvania. Four Seasons Produce participates in PPL Electric Utilities’ Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI) program.

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  • March 2018: The inaugural webinar attracted more than 80 participants. Presenters from DOE and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory introduced the series, described the DOE 50001 Ready Utility Network Series’ purpose, and emphasized DOE’s interest in adding value to utility and PBA communities. The agenda included an overview of the 50001 Ready recognition program, the 50001 Ready Navigator (a web application that provides step-by-step guidance to ISO 50001 implementation), and EnPI Lite (a set of online energy performance tools). Participants also discussed customer recruitment for 50001 Ready types of programs. 

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