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50001 Ready for Utilities, Implementers, and Energy Service Providers

DOE’s 50001 Ready Partner Program

How can energy efficiency program administrators engage with the 50001 Ready program?
As interest in 50001 Ready™ accelerates, private and public organizations are incorporating the continual improvement practices from the 50001 Ready Navigator™ into their business-to-business and utility program offerings. DOE is seeking to partner with U.S.-based organizations to expand the use of and maximize benefits of the 50001 Ready program and its suite of tools.

Improve competitiveness and reduce operational costs

By joining 50001 Ready, utilities and implementers become leaders in energy management and their experiences will help guide DOE as it supports the adoption of energy management systems across the U.S. economy. 

Partner advantages:

  • Portfolio view of 50001 Ready Navigator, including bird's eye view of customer and cohort progress
  • Partner logo added to customized 50001 Ready Navigator
  • Partner logo included on DOE 50001 Ready recognition certificate issued by DOE.
  • Partner developed custom guidance for each 50001 Ready Navigator task.

Administration of the 50001 Ready Navigator Partner Agreement is provided by LBNL on behalf of DOE. Contact LBNL with questions:

Signing up is simple:

  1. Submit a Partner Request form
    Eligible organizations may submit a Partner request here (log in to the 50001 Ready Navigator to access)
  2. We’ll review your submission, then set up call
    LBNL staff at the 50001 Ready Help Desk will review the “50001 Ready Partner Request” form and provide next steps.
  3. Agree to the program terms and formalize the partnership
    We'll need a signature to confirm your intention of meeting the terms outlined in the Partner Agreement and Partner Program Charter - Partner term is valid for 3 years


For additional Partner program details, please refer to the The 50001 Ready Partner Program Charter, which serves as an addendum to the terms of the “50001 Ready Navigator Partner Agreement.” The guidance provided in this Partner Program Charter is intended to assist 50001 Ready Partners in meeting the terms of participation.

Questions?  Contact us at the 50001 Ready Help Desk today!

50001 Ready Partners

advanced energy logo


Advanced Energy


AESC logo


Alternative Energy Systems
Consulting, Inc.


Cascade Energy logo


Cascade Energy


CenterPoint Energy logo


CenterPoint Energy


CLEAResult logo




Coefficient logo


Coefficient Consulting





DCSEU logo


District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU)


Efficiency Vermont logo


Efficiency Vermont


EMC Insights logo


EMC Insights


Energy 350 logo


Energy 350


EIP logo


Energy Infrastructure Partners


Energy Kaizen Logo


Energy Kaizen 


ESG logo


Energy Systems Group (ESG)


energy trust of oregon logo


Energy Trust of Oregon


energy trust of oregon logo


Evergreen Consulting Group


Georgia Tech logo


Georgia Tech


GOE logo


Ghislain Operational Efficiency, LLC


Idaho Power


Idaho Power


IEC logo


International Energy Consultants, LLC


Leidos logo




Lincus Energy logo


Lincus, Incorporated


MCE logo






Michaels Energy



New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)


OCOsink logo




advanced energy logo


Pacific Gas and Electric Company






Resource Innovations logo


Resource Innovations


advanced energy logo


SBW Consulting


stillwater logo


Stillwater Energy


SnoPUD logo


Snohomish PUD


strategic energy group logo


Strategic Energy Group


Sustainable Engineering logo


Sustainable Engineering LLC


TVA logo


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)


VEIC logo




VEIC logo




focus on energy logo


Wisconsin Focus on Energy


Program Design Resources

Energy efficiency program administrators and implementers interested in engaging with the 50001 Ready program have several options, starting with:

50001 Ready Partner Program


Utility program administrators and implementers are tapping into DOE energy management tools, guidance, and resources through the 50001 Ready Partner Program.

The 50001 Ready Partner Program:

  • Provides peer-to-peer learning and a sense of community amongst Partners.
  • Offers opportunities for collaboration on new program offerings, including decarbonization management guidance.
  • Supports the integration of tools and resources into new and existing energy management programs.
  • Encourages standardization and conformance with ISO 50001, the global energy management systems standard.

Thumbnail of 50001 Ready Partner Program PDF

Download the Partner Article 


Direct Customers to 50001 Ready

Enhance your customers' engagement in energy efficiency and support their performance in your energy program.

Supplement Your Program

No matter how you engage your customers, components of the 50001 Ready program can be used to supplement your existing offerings and build customer satisfaction.

Adapt or Launch a Program

Whether you have an existing SEM program or are thinking about launching one, 50001 Ready can help you design a program that unlocks the benefits of EnMS through a best-practice offering.




Download our fact sheet for Program Implementers: 50001 Ready - Overview for Program Implementers (PDF)

Access the full suite of 50001 Ready resources for program administrators and implementers

If you would like to discuss other options for engaging with 50001 Ready, don't hesitate to get in touch! We can work with you to find the most appropriate solution to meet your needs.

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